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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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**Linebaugh Avenue Median Crossover to Close at Cavendish Drive and Colonial Garden Lane**
Beginning Monday, April 23, 2018, the Westchase median crossover on Linebaugh Avenue located at Cavendish Drive (West Park Village) and Colonial Garden Lane (The Vineyards) will be closed. Crews will be working to layout, assemble and install a pipeline segment under the Linebaugh Avenue median. This closure is expected to remain in effect through June 2018. This work was originally scheduled to begin in June, but must be done now, in advance of construction in the Linebaugh Avenue/Sheldon Road intersection.
Motorists traveling west on Linebaugh Avenue will need to make a U-turn at the median cut at Westchase Elementary/Fifth-Third Bank to access Cavendish Drive and the West Park Village neighborhood. Motorists traveling east on Linebaugh Avenue will need to make a U-turn at Sheldon Road to access Colonial Garden Lane and The Vineyards community. All through lanes are expected to remain open during the peak morning and evening commutes. During non-peak hours from 9 am to 4 pm, the inside through lanes (median side) between Cavendish Drive and Montague Street will be closed and merged with the outer through lanes which may increase travel times. Motorists are advised to exercise caution when traveling through the area.

Pipeline installation is part of the first phase of a Hillsborough County Public Utilities project to retire and remove the aging River Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant located at the corner of Sheldon Road and Waters Avenue. Additional information about the project is available at Questions about the project may be directed to Citizen Engagement at (813) 272-5275. Para información, llame al (813) 272-5275. For Hearing/Voice impaired please call 711.
By Hillsborough County Staff
Annual Membership Meeting
Hello Residents!
Thank you to those who attended Wednesday's Annual Membership meeting and to those that turned in their proxy/ballot cards! Also, we would like to thank the exiting board members, Kevin Kwan & Mike Florio, for their service and dedication over the years.
Here are your new board members for 2018-2019:
Lynn Adamson -- President
Ann Parker -- Vice President
Nicole Robertson -- Secretary
Blakley Echeverry -- Treasurer
David Wynne -- Member at Large
Please watch in the coming days/weeks/months for more information regarding communication, social events, and landscaping projects!
Residents, please remember that resident parking is NOT permitted on the streets or alleyways.  Residents must park ALL vehicles in their garage or driveways.  If you have a temporary guest (e.g., friends in town, kids home from college for the summer, etc.), please apply for a guest pass.  Otherwise, the vehicle may be subject to violations.  Click this link for the Parking Guidelines document.  Thank you.
Be Aware of Snakes!
Please remember that we live adjacent to numerous wetlands, which are common breeding grounds for certain venomous snakes, especially the Water Moccasin/Cottonmouth.  Parents, please be aware of your children's/pet's surroundings. Please refer to the following links for more information and pictures that will help you identify dangerous snakes: (1) (2) (3)
Westchase Crime
The following is from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HCSO), specifically the Westchase Community Resource Deputy:  The District Three crime analyst staff has identified recent increased occurrences of Burglary Vehicle and Burglary Residence incidents. Specifically UNLOCKED home and vehicle doors. While the District is responding to this information and taking proactive measures, we still need your assistance. Please disseminate this information to your residents and encourage everyone to vigilant. To assist the public in reporting these crimes, the Sheriff`s Office wanted to remind  everyone about our "Tips 411" service. It is a free, ANONYMOUS  service that lets you report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office using your Smart Phone or other wireless technology. Please click on the following link for more information This is a valuable tool which can put you in touch with us in real time as incidents are occurring to ensure we get the best, most up to date information to dispatch deputies and investigate suspicious activity.
Trash Cans
New trash cans went into service beginning on October 1, 2013.  The scheduled pick-up days will be changed to TUESDAY and FRIDAY.  Recyling (blue trash can) is picked up on Fridays.  Yard Waste is picked up on Tuesdays.  Due to the nature of the new trash trucks, all trash cans need to be on the same side of the street.  Depending on the orientation of your street, please place trash cans on the SOUTH or EAST side of your street.
Vineyards Brochure
Thanks to a several original owners (Siegenthalers, Ms. Griffin, and the B family, among others), we are pleased to present a copy of the original Vineyards sales brochure.  The brochure contains pictures and floor plans of each model built in the Vineyards.  Enjoy.
Part 1 of 2      Part 2 of 2
Share Your Opinions!
The Vineyards is over 10 years old and our homes are beginning to show their age.  Many of our neighbors are beginning to replace major moving parts, which involves significant dollars (e.g., air conditioning, garage doors, etc.).  We are always looking for opinions before making a major expenditure.  Therefore, we have started a thread on your experience with vendors.  Please click this link to add your opinions.  The rules are simple.  Please share your experience, both good and bad, and support your opinion with FACTS.  This thread is meant to help your neighbors make their choices when reinvesting in their homes.  Thanks.

Stop Dumping Trash in the Conservation Areas Please!
The conservation areas surrounding the Vineyards are generally protected wetlands.  Dumping trash, tree/shrub cuttings, and building materials is strictly prohibited by the Vineyards, Westchase and Florida LAW. Please use the weekly trash pick up to dispose of your trash. Thank you.

Common Area Landscaping
Landscaping in the common areas is maintained by our commercial grounds management company, Davey.  Residents should not perform any landscaping alternations in these areas, as the Vineyards Board and Property Manager provide guidance to address certain areas and special circumstances.  If you would like a common area issue addressed, please send a communication in the "Contact Us" link.  Once again, please do not cut, trim, remove or add any plants, shrubs or trees to the Vineyards common areas.  Thank you for your cooperation.

~ The Helpful Neighbor ~

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Our website is back! After a long absence, the Vineyards website has returned with many new features. Please click the Register link at the top left of the home page. This will provide you access to the Message Board and Classified Ads sections of the website. Your information will be maintained on this website and will only be used by the Vineyards Homeowners Association for critical neighborhood communications.

Pick Up After Your Dog!

Many Vineyards residents are proud owners of dogs. However, many Vineyards residents have not been picking up after their dogs recently. Residents have observed an increase in the number of dog droppings throughout the neighborhood, especially by the lake. Picking up after your dog is not an option, it is mandatory.

Please help contribute to the Hillsborough County recycling program. Pick-up is typically Friday morning. It is very easy to recycle as the county takes most paper products, as well as glass, aluminum, metal (i.e., canned soup), etc.  Click this link to review ""What Can I Recycle?"".

Mailbox Maintenance
Owners are responsible for repairing and replacing mailboxes. Please contact the following company for replacement or repair: Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs, 13910 Lynmar Blvd., Tampa, FL 33626 (813) 818-7100. Complete double replacement including posts, delivery and installation costs $476.15. Mailboxes costs $34.55 per mailbox, with a $35.00 delivery and installation fee.

Speed Limit
Please be safe and obey the traffic rules of our village. This includes the 15 MPH speed limit and driving the correct way on one way streets.